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About Us

Queen Sheba Tech Group is a Technology and an Investment solutions provider with extensive experience working on and managing small - medium - big projects across different regions around the world. We have an ensemble of experts from various areas of business and industry who have worked on numerous projects across the globe. Some of the countries we have worked in include: Israel, Philippines, Germany, Africa and Turkey. In the last few years, Queen Sheba has expanded it's regional reach, investing more in Africa starting with Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.


Queen Sheba's working philosophy and methods bring together our knowledge and experience within the ICT sector to provide organizations, both large and small, with custom, tailor-made solutions designed to enhance business efficiency and deliver transformative change. Queen Sheba also comes as an investor in different strategic projects. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Fintech

  • Agriculture

  • Insurance

  • Government

  • Retail

  • GIS

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